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The first event of its kind ever! Тhe biggest official item sale of the year from Blockchain game developers. Find a bunch of rare items from various games in every single bundle. Buy one, play many!

0.6 Ξ
Content's worth of 2.49 Ξ if bought separately
0.9 Ξ
Content's worth of 4.7 Ξ if bought separately
1.5 Ξ
Content's worth of 11.4 Ξ if bought separately

How to participate

It has never been so easy to purchase blockchain items. Choose one of three bundles, buy it, unpack and receive a bunch of awesome crypto items from 6 different blockchain games! In order to participate you only need a MetaMask account and a bit of ETH.

Make sure that you have a valid MetaMask account connected to your browser. On your mobile device, you'll need to use an Ethereum-compatible mobile browser like Trust, Coinbase Wallet, or Opera. If you have troubles with it - you can always find answers in our FAQ or in our Telegram.

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